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Diagnostic Services

Begin your repair process by checking in your gear.

  1. Send gear in for a Diagnostic Service
    If you're unsure about what your gear needs, send it to us. Our repair team will inspect it and provide you with a quote detailing the recommended repairs.
  2. Approve and pay for repairs
    Once you approve the quote and pay the invoice, we'll proceed with repairing your gear.
  3. Return or repair
    If you don't want to repair your gear, we'll return it to you using your prepaid shipping label. However, if we determine that your gear is beyond repair, we cannot issue a refund for the return shipping.

Important Considerations

  • Gear condition: Before sending your gear, consider if you think it's beyond repair. If you have doubts, contact our support team via the Support Chat and provide detailed photos of the gear.
  • No refunds: We do not offer refunds for return shipping if your gear is deemed beyond repair.

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