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The Repair Process

Step 1: Check In

To begin the repair process, Check In your gear.  At check in, you will add the type of gear you're sending us (Dry Suit, Dry Top, and/or Spray Skirt) and include the quantity of each item.

This allows us to determine shipping costs and estimate the repair time.

Step 2: Shop Repair Services

Next you can shop the repair service offerings.  These can always be found in the top navigation bar.  

If you know what your gear needs, locate the service and add to your cart.  If you have multiple items, make sure to include a service for every item.  (Ex. You have 2 dry suits needing new neck gaskets.  Include 2 x Neck Gasket Replacements.)

If you do not know what your gear needs, we recommend a Pressure Test (for dry suits and dry tops) and a Diagnostic (for spray skirts). The pressure test and diagnostic allow for our repair team to visually inspect and test the gear.  We will follow up with a recommendation and invoice for repairs.  

While adding services to your cart, you have the opportunity to leave notes about the gear that might be helpful for the repair team. 

Step 3: Check Out

At check out, you can select “Ship” or “Pick Up (Drop Off)”.  If you prefer to ship your gear, our system will determine what location you ship to.  We base this on:

  1. Each facilities current lead time on repairs
  2. Your zip code in relation to the nearest repair shop.  Please note: you may be prompted to ship your gear to the farther location.  We always check lead times first.  If we determine your gear will be serviced more efficiently at a farther location, we will have you ship there.

Step 4: Shipping and Drop Off

Following check out, you will receive an email from us confirming your order.  You will be prompted with shipping or drop-off instructions.

If shipping, please ship to the address provided.  Again, it may not be the closest option but it will be the most convenient for our repair shop.  Include your #RA with your shipment.  Do not include any additional items when shipping including bags.  We cannot keep track of any additional items besides the gear you are sending us for repair.

Please note: you are responsible for getting the gear to us.  This includes paying for shipping.

If dropping off, please have your #RA available.

Step 5: We receive your gear

Upon receiving your gear, it will enter our repair queue.  We will keep lead times up to date on our website.  Feel free to contact us for updates via our Support Chat.  Include your name and #RA.  Our customer service team will respond with an update as soon as possible.

Step 6: You receive your freshly repaired gear and get back on the water!

Once we repair your gear, you will receive tracking information for the return shipment.  You pay for a return label at check out.

If you are picking up your gear, we will send an email or call you.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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