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Neck Gasket Replacement (Sew and Tape Style)

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Latex Neck Gasket

Men's Size Chart
Dry Wear Gear Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge
Latex Neck Gasket Small Medium Medium Large XLarge


Women's Size Chart
Dry Wear Gear Small Medium Large XLarge
Latex Neck Gasket Small Small Medium Medium


Size charts based on Immersion Research gear sizing.

Sewn and taped gaskets aren't meant to be replaced with glue-in latex gaskets. If your suit is a sewn and taped gasket, we will upgrade your garment to accept glue-in gaskets.  Future gasket replacements will be cheaper and able to be done at home if desired.

The Process

We begin by removing the sewn and taped gasket from the dry wear. We install a receiver that accepts glue-in gaskets.  Then, we install a new, glue-in latex neck gasket. The latex neck gaskets can be trimmed for a looser fit, accommodating personal preference.

Gasket Size Selection

Unless specified otherwise, we follow the manufacturer's recommended gasket size for replacement. You can refer to the size chart for guidance. 

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