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Dry Suit Diagnostic (Pressure Test + Patching)

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If you do not know what repairs your dry suit needs or if you want a pressure test, send it to us for a diagnostic (which includes a garment wash, pressure test, and patching).  

Gaskets must be in good condition to perform a pressure test.  No major wear or tears.

The Process

Prior to any test, the dry suit is washed using a cleaner made specifically for waterproof/breathable fabric and treated with an enzyme solution to neutralize odor and stop mildew.  After drying, we pressurize the dry suit and mark any leaks.  We will inspect the suit for an additional issues.

We will patch any leaks found during the pressure test. Excessive patching or any additional work needed, we will reach out for confirmation and an invoice to move forward.  Once we've finished repairing the dry suit, all waterproof zippers will be lubricated.  We recommend having a dry suit pressure tested and patched once a year. 

This diagnostic includes the cost of washing the dry suit, the pressure test and patching.

Important to Consider

We may determine the gear is beyond repair.  We will not issue refunds for return shipping.  Prior to sending, consider if you think the gear is beyond repair.  

If you have any doubt, contact our repair team via the Support Chat.  For dry suits, provide photos of BOTH the inside and outside of the dry suit.  We will do our best to provide a virtual inspection.

If the results determine that the suit is beyond repair, customers are still responsible for the cost of the test and return shipping.

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