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Latex Wrist Gasket Repair

Over-time latex gaskets will break. Lucky for you repairing a latex gasket is quite easy. Here is a DIY guide on how to repair your latex wrist gasket. 

Materials Needed

Denatured alcohol, a mold (PVC, a large can of soup, mason jar), Aquaseal, scissors, masking tape, latex wrist gasket, latex gloves, and a clamp. 

1. Cut back the old gasket. When doing this MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT CUT THE FABRIC of your top or suit.

2. Stretch off the old gasket. Do this by putting your pointer finger inside of the gasket opening. Pinch down with your thumb on the outside of the gasket. You'll be pulling one side of the gasket. As the gasket stretches it will begin to lift from the fabric. It should lift off cleanly.

3. Cutaway the excess Aquaseal. Be careful to avoid cutting the fabric. 

4. It should look like this once the old gasket and Aquaseal is removed. 

5. Place the wrist cuff around your mold. Tape off below where you plan to Aquaseal. This will avoid a mess and provide a clean (professional) looking line after the Aquaseal dries. 

6. Clean the new gasket with denatured alcohol. Focusing on the portion of that gasket that will be adhered to the fabric. 


7. Apply an evenly distributed layer of Aquaseal to the top. You can do this with your gloved finger, popsicle stick or a paintbrush. 

8. Clamp your mold to the edge of a stable surface. It needs to be very secure. 

9. Carefully stretch the new wrist gasket around the mold. 

10. Once the gasket is set evenly around the mold place masking tape over it to keep it secure. Leave the mold to sit giving the Aquaseal ample time to dry.

11. Once dry, commence boating. 

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